Barum Rally

FIA European Rally Championship International Czech Rally Championship

Portugal Fashion Party

Portugal Fashion Party

Miss Globe 2012 Royce Party

Miss Globe International® is a Beauty Pageant Organization. Women from all around the world participate each year conventionally in their local pageants and then they represent their countries in Miss Globe International®, which is organized in the following fall of that year. Miss Globe Organization, working under the trademark Miss Globe International®, has a franchising network involving 130 countries. The local/national connections of this network are using the trademark Miss Globe National®. Affairs of national agencies, that are willing to work under our trademark, are being carried out by License Management Department in our Global Center.

39.Golden Butterfly Film Festival

Butterfly Freedom, television and music awards given each year. Butterfly attachment to the Freedom and voted on by readers of awards given to selected individuals. Organized in the past year, thirty-ninth.